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Skin Care
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Detox Slimming Oil (500ml) Vital Relaxing Oil (500ml)
It is infiltrated into the deep skin depending on the contraction·relaxation of the skin and separates·removes the wastes, lymph congestion fluid, cellulite and toxin among skin tissues, so, it is good for weight loss and skin elasticity. When it is used for acupressure massage and suction, it softens muscles or skin, relaxes tension and penetrates the natural aroma elements into the skin, so, it softens the skin.
Moisture White Oil (500ml) Active Tonic Oil (500ml)
It provides all parts as well as face with strong oil, moist, whitening, protection of harmful oxygen, recovery of skin transparency, skin restoration and settlement. When it is used for massage or suction, it makes muscles or skin toned, strengthens tissues and penetrates the natural aroma elements into the skin, so, it makes the skin healthy.
Grape Seed Oil (500ml) Apricots Kernel Oil (500ml)
Grape seed oil extracted from grape seeds supplies the skin with moist and nutrients and its strong sterilizing power maintains the skin to be healthy and clean.
Skin for application : dry skin, allergic skin
It is extracted from apricot seeds, contains vitamin and mineral, clears dead cells out, and provides the skin with moist. So, it makes the skin moisture and maintains the skin to be toned and shinny.
Skin for application : aged & dry skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, wrinkle removal, antiphlogistic effect
Evening Primrose Oil (500ml) Rose Hips Oil Oil (500ml)
It is a medicinal plant, so, it helps keeping the function of skin protection layer and protects the skin from the outside stimulation.
Skin for application : atophic dermatitis, other skin diseases and aged skin
Rosehip oil extracted from rosehip seeds in South America or Europe has excellent moist and water holding ability, so, it activates the skin and makes the skin healthy.
Skin for application : skin moistness, heteropathic effect control, cleanup or improving pigmentation, skin aging control, erythema, inflammation, dry skin, sensitive skin
Vitamin-E Oil (500ml) Sweet Almond Oil (500ml)
Vitamin-E oil from grains and walnuts has excellent antioxidant effect and helps the secretion of female hormone, so, it makes metabolism more active and prevents forming wrinkles.
Skin for application : protection of skin aging, cell activation, forming skin moist protection layer
Sweet almond oil extracted from mature almonds is extremely skin friendly, so, it provides the skin with vitality and moist and it makes the skin healthy with powerful antioxidant.
Skin for application : dry skin, sensitive skin, skin aging control, skin recovery, inflammation control, itchiness control