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Schizandra Tea
Schizandra is a plant. The fruit is used as food and also to make medicine. Schizandra is a woody vine that grows only in North-East Asia countries Korea, China, Russia. Cultivation requirements are thought to be similar to those of grapes. It has attractive green foliage, white flowers and red berries.
Schizandra at once tastes 5 distinct flavors(Sourness, Sweetness, Hot/Spicy, Bitterness, Saltiness). Schizandra, the fruit of five tastes, makes a good ingredient thanks to the variety of tastes that it can offer and its vivid color.
* Five Tastes(5 distinct flavors) and Effects of Schizandra
  • Sourness(skin) : Protects the liver
  • Sweetness(flesh) : Supports stomach function
  • Hot/spicy(seed) : Protects lungs
  • Bitterness(seed) : Strengthens the heart
  • Saltiness(overall) : Enhances the kidney function

In Chinese medicine, it is recorded that Korean schizandra has been praised as a high-quality product. From ancient times, Korean schizandra has been widely known to China and have exported as specialties. Korean schizandra is also known as "Omija". The cordial drink made from the schizandra is called "Omija Cha", meaning "Omija Tea". It's a traditional Korean tea.
How it works
Schizandra was introduced in an ancient herbal medicine document as "It is excellent for enhancing lung's function and throat. It was served as a specialty drink for the royal court and exported to other countries."
Traditionally used in Oriental(Chinese) medicine, it has recently come to the center of people's attention as a food. Schizandra berries are one of the 50 essential ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. Fresh schizandra berries are much better tasting than the dried fruit, although both fresh and dried fruit are packed with nutritions.
  • Vitamin(B1) of schizandra is 9.5 times more than the apple has and 3.8 times more than the blue berry has.
  • Vitamin(B2) of schizandra is 26 times more than the apple has and 5.2 times more than the blue berry has.
  • Vitamin(B3) of schizandra is 18 times more than the apple has and 4.5 times more than the blue berry has.
"Lignan", which is main ingredient of schizandra, gets changed to antioxidant in order to prevent a cell damage. Furthermore, "Lignan" improves anti-aging, anti-cancer, the function of the liver, a skin condition, and anti-inflammation.
Uses of Schizandra
  • For antioxidant properties, anti-aging and longevity
  • For rejuvenation and energy, increase stamina
  • Enhance the working of the immune system
  • For mental and physical exhaustion, fight fatigue
  • Improve the functioning of the respiratory system
  • For aphrodisiac effects
  • As a powerful adaptogen
  • Treat chronic fatigue syndrome, respiratory ailments
  • Relieve stress and depression
  • Protect lungs and liver
  • For allergies, colds, sore throats, and coughs
  • Treat asthma, influenza, pre menstrual syndrome
  • Help digestion and treat indigestion
  • For circulation, blood sugar, and blood pressure
  • For recuperation after surgery
  • For insomnia, night sweats, memory, vision, hearing, clarity of mind
  • For it's anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
  • Lower high cholesterol
How to eat Schizandra Tea
Schizandra Tea is made by Korean shizandra which is grown up with non-fertilizer farming system in Korean traditional pottery. It hastens fermentation and ripening of schizandra so that Schizandra Tea can be provided itself with sweet taste and smell.
Schizandra Tea is widely used as an ingredient for beverage and food.
In the winter, Schizandra Tea is mixed with three to four times of hot water and it can become a healthy tea to keep you warm.
In the summer, you can make Schizandra-ade by adding cold carbonated or water.
It can also be used in a variety of food recipes such as cocktails, salad dressing, barbecue/beef sauce, jam as well as being used as natural food coloring. If you use it when cooking meat, schizandra would make it tender. We can make a fruit punch with Schizandra Tea that also helps digestion. Whether it is made into a drink, milk, yogurt or added to a dish as a sauce, schizandra enhances the food's taste and fragrance and gives it a beautiful hue thanks to the natural red color of the fruit.

Korean schizandra drinks have come in to the spotlight on the world stage and received rave reviews. A wine made of schizandra was selected as the "Toast Drink" for the global meeting "G20 Summit(2010)" in Korea. Also Korean and French goverment used the schizandra drink as an official beverage during "120th Anniversary Celebration of Establishing Diplomatic Ties(2006)".
Product Descriptions of Schizandra Tea "Red-in"
We produce the high-quality schizandra items with the technical support of the Rural Development Administration(RDA) and MunGyeong Agricultural Technology Center(MATC) - two institutions for Korean Agricultural Technique Development and Education.
  • Drinking diluted schizandra undiluted solution with 2-3 times hot water, cold water or carbonated water helps your thirsty, cough, asthma improve.
  • Dinking Cocktail with Schizandra tea helps to prevent side effect associated with a hangover.
  • Drinking yogurt or milk with Schizandra is a very famous for healthy drink.
  • Schizandra Tea can be used as jam, dipping sauce of meat and marinate meat to soften it.
  • Schizandra also can be used as fruit salad dressing.
  • Kneading bread dough with Schizandra helps to bake colorful well-being bread.
  • Red-in Premium
    • Method : Fermented
    • 300ml, 700ml
  • Red-in
    • Method : Extracted
    • 300ml, 700ml