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Skin Care
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Sun Block Silky Cream (50ml) Silky Retinol Eye Creamn (300ml)
Ultraviolet ray - specialized protector protecting skin from UVA and UVB.
It protects skin from harmful environment and ultraviolet rays because it has outstanding ultraviolet block effect and skin protection effect. People with weak skin can use it safely because of its select elements, the vegetable extract provides the skin with nutrients and sufficient moisture, so it makes the skin wet and forms a thin protection layer on the skin, which keeps skin from the outside stimulation. The texture is not sticky and soft like silk. It is spreaded on the skin easily, lightly and softly and it keeps the skin fresh like the first time because it has the high skin contractibility and sustenance.
It is the eye cream caring the skin near eyes to be toned with being filled into the skin near eyes.
You can experience the clear and toned eye skin because it provides the skin near the eyes which gets aging the first among the skin with natural oriental elements and good elements handled as nano, provides it with sufficient moisture and nutrients. It is the eye cream to present you the elastic and smooth skin because it stickly and thickly absorbs into the skin and in every gaps of the skin softly.
Silky Special Cream (30ml) Deul BB Cream (30ml)
It is the cream giving the skin back its health rhythm.
Its excellent nutrient elements and natural vegetable elements provide the dry and rough skin with vitality, which balances the skin. And it cares the skin which lost tone and started aging to be always moist and vital, so you can experience the thriving and vital skin. Non-sticky and rich texture keeps the wetness for a long time, provides the skin with sufficient nutrients. So, it cares the skin to be softer and shiner.
Natural herbal skin care, Whitening, Wrinkle, Cell-regeneration. BB cream offering bright skin like blossoms, wet and shinny skin texture like the water in the skin coming out.
As the last step of skin care, apply a thin layer of BB cream evenly over the face. Use one to two times a day according to circumstances.
Phyto Collagen Nano Cream (800ml) Phyto Moisture Nano Cream (800ml)
It is Collagen cream to softly lift up the wide pores and loose face.
It is promptly absorbed into the rough and loose skin because it has less collagen providing the skin with flexibility and elasticity and lower activity, so you can experience the toned and dense skin. Its beneficial elements are smoothly and non-shinny absorbed into the deep skin, which provides the surface of the skin with moisture and increases the moisture content of the skin. So, it makes the skin wet and soft for a long time even in the dry weather.
It is the cream to provide the sensitive and dry skin with the sufficient amount of moisture and nutrients.
It connect the moist elements surrounding the dry and weak skin softly and providing the skin with moist, which increases the nutrient and moist consistency of the skin and cares the skin to be healthy and wet. It smoothly sticks to the skin without stickiness like velvet, which provides the skin with sufficient moist, recovers the vitality of the skin and makes the skin wet and soft for a long time.
Sansam(Wild Ginseng) High Frequency Massage Cream (800ml) Silky Foot Massage Cream (800ml)
It is the massage cream to help the circulation of the skin got rough with outside harmful environment and add the vitality.
It purifies the rough skin with heavy feeling caused by the unbalance of the skin and stimulates the circulation of the skin, so, it cares the skin texture to be soft and smooth and gives the skin back the light feeling at the same time. Catechin element controls the major causes of the skin aging, which cares the skin to be toned. It stimulates the circulation of the blood through massage, so, it activates the skin metabolism.
It is the massage cream to take the waste and poison in the skin out and help the blood stream to stimulate and circulate.
It relaxes the fatigue of feet and its natural oriental extract provides the dry and rough foot skin with nutrients, so, it softly makes the rough skin caused by callus, dead cells and striae distensae better. The soft cream like custard cream minimizes the skin stimulation, stimulates the blood circulation through massage and makes the metabolism of the whole body activate better, so, it comforts the stress, fatigue and mind from the day.