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Skin Care
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Pearl Silky Foam Cleansing (100ml, 180ml) Silky Cleansing Lotion (500ml)
It is a vegetable foam cleanser to wake the skin up and vitalize the face every morning.
Its big and fine bubbles softly and comfortably removes the wastes in the skin, unnecessary sebum and makeup residue like silk. So, it cares the skin to be transparent and clean. It contains sufficient moist elements, keeps the skin moist layer and keeps the skin to be wet and shinny. It removes the wastes at pores in the deep skin and makes the best skin conditions for the skin to breathe which makes the skin more fresh and shinny.
Vegetable cleansing lotion to care the skin freshly in a non-sticky and clear texture
Its soft and silky texture cleanly and freshly makeup and the waste in the skin without stickiness in the skin and finishes with fresh and wet feeling. The powerful moist function of its grain extract maintains the optimal skin condition after face wash and cares the skin color to be clear and bright, so, it provides the skin with comfort.
Silky Cleansing Oil (200ml) Silky Lip & Eye Remover (500ml)
Careful makeup and skin impurities, deep cleansing vegetable keulrenjinghae Week 51
This cleansing oil is so light it spreads well on the face. It perfectly cleanses off both overall makeup, point makeup, and impurities in the skin. By using vegetable oil, it fits to all types of skin with no irritation and you can wash it off with water without wiping off with a tissue. It?'ll give you fresh and moisturized feeling after using.
Point makeup cleanser for sensitive eyes and lips
You can use it comfortably because it doesn't give any stimulation on the most sensitive and weak parts in the face, eyes and lips and it smoothly removes thick makeup. Its vegetable soothing elements soothes the sensitive parts around eyes and lips and at the same time forms the skin protection layer, so it offers the non-sticy and wet ending feeling.