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Red Pine Phytoncide Air Freshener
It is an antibacterial spray that has been certified by the Korean government's accredited certification agency KCL for more than 99.9% of sterilizing power against pneumonia, E. coli, and super bacteria.

It is not a product that adds scent to the antibacterial spray, but is a natural-friendly product that makes the most of the sterilizing power of phytoncide in a pine needle distillate. It is a premium spray product that not only has antibacterial functions, but also a natural scent to improve the mood of the sprayer.


This product has already been developed long before the global spread of coronavirus began, and has passed the sterilization test by the nationally recognized testing institute in Korea.

Necessities to prevent irregular global recurring contact infections such as SARS, H1N1 virus, MERS, and Covid-19.

This Spray is a fragrance that is suitable for the [Safety Standards for Candles and Fragrance spray by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea], and can be used by all ages. In addition, the company's own experiments confirmed the antibacterial activity against various bacteria such as Salmonella, vaginitis-causing bacteria, and food poisoning-causing bacteria.