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Wild plants enzyme
100 wild plants self grown in the pristine deep recess is in the Korean Mountains. In mineral rich soil with billions of beneficial Microorganisms bacteria actinomycetes, fungi, Protozoa, algae, and nematodes.

Regular (500ml)

Black (500ml)
Micro Biome at its best, Gut and Brain connection! Plants selected and known for the beneficial different strain(s) of probiotics, Amino Acids, and enzymes. Rich with Micro nutrients, inulin, minerals, plentiful in vitamins. A ancient recipe passed down from the yellow Emperor’s Fountain of youth recipe dating back to 1625 B.C.

Fermentation for over 5~7 years-these ingredients are fermented at low temperature, for living probiotics, enzymes and ingredients to be the most bioavailability condition.

This is a vital nutritious Living Food for those under stress due to poor health, pollution and toxins in Our environment.

Grown & Harvested in severe harsh climate conditions among the undisturbed wild environment, in polluted-free DMZ Zone.

No boiling, no high temperature fermentation that will kill bacteria/enzymes.
We can take natural digestive enzymes in order to support the digestion of processed or cooked foods. Every food that has been cooked, boiled, heated, grilled, baked has lost its enzymes and is a burden to our organs which have to supply the digestive enzymes.

Enzymes are a high nutritional supplement that benefits for toxins and germs, antioxidants, powerful cleansing agent during detoxification, slower aging and reduces fatigue, boost immune system etc.

Alternative medicine report wild plants liquid enzyme as best healing way of adult aging illness, ulcerous illness, allergy, body character change, nervous illness, stress management, cell generation, good for antiaging, constipation, beauty and weight management.