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Pine absolute oil essence
It contains whitening ingredients(alpha bisabolol) to make your skin elastic and bright. It's not sticky and absorbs well.

If you use it in the morning, you can get makeup done well, and if you use it in the evening, the skin stays moist the next day. Sensitive and oily-combination skin can also be used without any burden. The natural pine fragrance of this product makes the head clear.

How to use
  • Mix this oil with lotion or cream.
  • Since it is highly concentrated, use only 1 to 3 drops per time.
  • It is better to apply the undiluted oil directly to the stretch(arm, foot, heel, housewife's eczema, etc.).
  • Trouble skin care :
    It prevents the parasites(acarus folliculorum) that cause trouble from living on the skin.
  • Intensive care & skin regeneration :
    Wet skin, pore contraction by promotion skin regeneration, improvement of acne, atopic and sensitive skin.
  • Anti-aging :
    Oxypartimin-acid which is in pine needle ingredients is excellent in anti-aging and maintaining youth.