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How to use Ampoule
  1. You should use it after washing the face and putting skin toner on, before essence. Before the stage of skin toner, if you use our company's ampule which has fast absorption with nano liposome solution, it's possible for you to care your skin more effectively.
  2. You should spread 1 or 2 drops with spuits on the face evenly, press it with palms lightly to stimulate the absorption of it.

Collagen Ampoule (30ml) *Nano Liposome Acneoily Ampoule (30ml) *Nano Liposome
Collagen Ampoule filling the inside of the skin finely and caring the skin more toned
It delivers sufficient moisture and nutrients to the skin, which recovers its own vitality and maintains the skin to be more toned. And the sticky and moist ampule makes the surface of the skin more smooth, brighter and shining. It removes the darkness of the skin and makes skin fine, bright and toned as it is born afresh.
Acneoily Ampoule making the conditions near the skin problem clean
Natural plant extracts remove the waste in the skin without stimulation, cares the skin cleanly and controls the excessive sebum, which cares the skin condition cleanly. The sterilzation action is excellent, so, it protects the skin safely from acne bacteria and soothes the stimulated skin tenderly.
Vitamin-C Ampoule (30ml) *Nano Liposome
Vitamin-C Ampoule to care the skin to be clear and transparent like morning dew.
The outstanding synergy effect of Vitamin-C and natural plant extracts are infiltrated into skin deeply and have effect on Melanin directly. It improves specially pigmentation and colorful blemishes, so it makes skin clear and bright. Rich moisturizing elements recover the moisture layer, so it makes skin transparent as if it got wet with morning dew and makes the blotched skin tone bright skin tone.