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Skin Care
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MIC Silky Whitening Skin Lotion (120ml) *archril MIC Silky Whitening Milk Lotion (120ml) *archril
Functional whitening skin lotion to prepare base for the following steps of whitening skin care.
Special components solely developed by our research team in this skin lotion, eliminating needless dead cells from skin without irritation, soothing skin, keeping the sebum & moisture balance of the skin with its abundant moisture, enhance water-holding capacity of the skin. Ingredients from natural vegetables make dusky, uneven and melanoid skin damaged by UV or stress clear and bright as white as snow.
Functional whitening lotion for clear bright tone of skin.
Special components solely developed by our research team in this lotion, changing the dark skin to bright and clear skin and forming an effective water-protection veil, keep a well hydrated skin all day. Its excellent active ingredients alter dusky, uneven and melanoid skin to clear skin. As a soft touched milk type, permeating smoothly without stickiness, it will give you a bright skin as soft as silk.
MIC Whitening Silky Serum (40ml) *archril, tube MIC Silky Wrinkle Clear Eye Cream (40ml) *archril
Functional whitening serum basically reforming the faulty melanin operating system.
Ingredients from natural vegetables, permeating into skin deep and preventing formation and movement toward epidermis of melanin, make the skin clear, bright and flawless. Special components solely developed by our research team in this serum, acting effectively to the stained and dull skin damaged by ultraviolet rays, stress, temperature cycling, curtailed sleep and hormone deficiency, refine and soften the skin. With a touch as soft as silk, it permeates into the skin without irritation and stickiness, and provides natural vegetable oil and natural moisturizing factor. It will give you a well hydrated and smooth skin.
Anti-wrinkle special care eye cream, permeating effectively into sensitive skin around eyes.
Nanolized Adenosine and Retinol, that is certified ingredients by FDA, permeating most effectively into the weakest and high loading skin around eyes, solves every trouble of the skin and give you a vital and younger-looking skin. Ingredients from natural vegetables, providing abundant nutrients and moisture to the dry, loose and wrinkled skin around eyes, will give you a wrinkle-free and beautiful eye line.
MIC Silky Wrinkle Clear Eye Cream (300ml) Deul Anti-Aging & Whitening Cream (30ml)
Wrinkle eye cream caring the aging traces with being absorbed into the weak skin near the eyes.
It makes the Korea Food and Drug Administration announce elements, adenosin and retinol as nano and puts it into the weak and most active skin near the eyes, which maximizes the skin absorption, solves all the troubles of the skin near the eyes and recovers the vitality and tone of the skin. So, you can experience the skin changed every day. Natural vegetable elements provide the wrinkled eye skin without the tone with sufficient nutrients and moisture, are softly absorbed into the skin, fix the skin firmly and cares the skin to be soft and toned.
After rubbing two hands to be warm enough, apply cream overall face and press lightly with both hands. Use properly according to circumstances.
Whitening Silky Serum (30ml)
Apply proper amount of serum to overall face and make it absorbed into skin. Use properly according to circumstances.
Wrinkle Clear Silky Eye Cream (30ml)
Apply to skin around eyes and gently tap with fingers to be well absorbed.