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Pine Needle Oil(PNO)
Pine Needle Oil(PNO) is an extract from the leaves of special red pine trees which grows in high mountainous regions of Korea.
According to testimonials by ancient, Pine Needle Oil(PNO) was known to have various health benefits for antiageing, stroke/its after-effects, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infection from blood clotting, urethral malfunction, diabetes/its complementary diseases, heart diseases, bruises and physical injuries, acne and scrotum infections etc.
Take 1(one) capsule per day after meal in first 1~2 weeks, and increase dosage to gradually 2~3 capsules a day after meal.
450mg X 120caps per bottle
*capsule color : gold, yellow
450mg X 10caps in blister pack
*capsule color : gold

Wild Plants Liquid Enzyme(WPLE)
Wild Plants Liquid Enzyme(WPLE) is a 100% natural fermented, antioxidant and mineral rich nutritional supplement obtained by fermentation for a year from more than 100 naturally grown wild plants, herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits, roots.
The product was fermented/matured for 3-5 years and do not have any artificial preservatives, colours, water, sugar nor additives except substances from 100 wild plants, nanural herbs, fruits, flowers, seeds from the pollution free area of DMZ.

No boiling, no high temperature fermentation that will kill bacteria/enzymes.
We can take natural digestive enzymes in order to support the digestion of processed or cooked foods. Every food that has been cooked, boiled, heated, grilled, baked has lost its enzymes and is a burden to our organs which have to supply the digestive enzymes.
  • Enzymes are a high nutritional supplement that benefits for toxins and germs, antioxidants, powerful cleansing agent during detoxification, slower aging and reduces fatigue, boost immune system etc.
  • Alternative medicine report wild plants liquid enzyme as best healing way of adult aging illness, ulcerous illness, allergy, body character change, nervous illness, stress management, cell generation, good for antiaging, constipation, beauty and weight management.
Adults take one 50~70cc daily with or without a meal
For overweight person : take two 50~70cc without a meal
For under weight person : take one 50~70cc at 10 minutes before meal
38.8 oz(1000ml) in PET anti-pressure bottle

Black WPLE
Period of fermentation of Black WPLE is 5 years and accordingly it become a high concentrated substance.
It contains as coenzyme, natural vitamin, natural mieral, amino aacid which is approx. 1.5 times of usual WPLE.
And also contains anthocyanin which is being produced by low temperature black fermentation technology.
It has more antioxidant and high boosting immune system.
Same as WPLE
38.8 oz(1000ml) in PET anti-pressure bottle.

Pine Powder(PP)
Pine powder(PP) is first pure natural and an ideal safe supplement developed after many years test by Gyeongbuk Marine Bio-Industry Institute, as one of government laboratories.
There are freeze-dried powder and naturally dried powder, both of which are harvested from sprout of Gumgangsong Pine Tree.
This product is made of pine tree extract which is rich in nutrition. More than 200 kinds of nutrition are in the pine tree powder extract.
  • To strengthen and endure fatigue
  • To prevent artery disease, heart problems, aging, any infected diseases and tumor
  • To increase immunity and the healthy growth
  • To boost up metabolism and appetite
3 times a day, about 3~4gram each time, taken with warm water.
Pine Powder may be used for soup, tea, cooking and baking.
0.2~1.0kg poly bag

Pine Needles Soap | Pine Needle Oil related goods
As it contains 100% extract of pine needles from pine trees, it has outstanding effect for anti-aging, improvement of fine wrinkles and tannin component of pine needles for skin problems. Excellent effect of foam cleasing and moisturizing.
Our pine needles soap contains pine oil, it is luxurious bar soap that has anti-bacterial and reduces or eliminates breakouts. Our soap draws out all the impurities under the skin so that within a few days pimples are gone, acne is reduced or eliminated and skin is moisturized. It is excellent for repairing damaged skin.
Reduce fine lines and restore youthful appearance. Pine needles soap is also used for the whole body to cleanse, refresh and repair dry and broken skin. It's like going to the spa every day.

Essence for skin | Pine Needle Oil related goods
Fermented products including extract of pine needles, extract of apricot, camellia oil and others(13 kinds)
It is helpful to recycle clear and transparent skin by blocking the generative processes of melanin due to ultraviolet ray and reducing freckles and ephelis. They are helpful to delay skin aging by antioxidant effect and improve skin to elastic and healthy one.
As it has excellent sterilizing power and is much helpful to cytothesis and epidermopoiesis(bacterial atopy, pimple), it can change the skin similar to baby's one.
You may mix the product with your foundations and use it.(one to three drops once, optional)
It can make nutrients of your cosmetics infiltrate into the skin well so that the skin absorption may be increased more than two times.
For chapped flesh(arm, foot, heel, housewife's eczema, and etc), it would be better way to apply directly them on affected area.

Bubble Toothpaste
Bubble Toothpaste | Pine Needle Oil related goods
Pine needle components, Peony Extract, HAP, Allantoin Xylitol, Sodium Fluoride
From old times, pine needles have been known to help fight bacteria, the main cause of tooth decay and to prevent the oxidation of teeth. We have researched and developed these pine needle components for a long time.
Great effect in using bubble. The volume of fine bubbles infiltrates the teeth and even effortless brushing helps clean the corners between the teeth, removes bad breath, prevents gum disease and tooth loss and increases the whitening effect.
Clearing and refreshing your head. This product contains the natural components of pine needles which were selected as one of the world’s twelve greatest fragrances.
By just brushing your teeth, it will give you the same feeling as a therapeutic walk in the forest.